Members’ Holiday pages

Many BOC members go on holiday and bring back interesting stories and photos of their bird sightings and wildlife encounters. This page will be dedicated to bringing you some of these stories, with a few interesting pictures.

If you have a holiday to tell us about and a few photographs, please contact Nick Hawkridge via our contact form

The Americas


2012, Rob Miles, a cruise in the Lesser Antilles.

Panama Canal

2014, Mike & Elaine Landen, Panama


2012 – Falklands, Richard Brown


2014 – Galapagos, Richard Brown

Osorno Volcano Lake District

2015 – Mike & Elaine Landen, Chile

2016 Brazil with Mike & Elaine Landen

2020 – Ecuador With Elaine & Mike Landen




2013, Adrian Adams visited The Gambia.

2017, Mike & Elaine Landen, Morocco

2018, Mike & Elaine Landen, Ethiopia



Polar Bear and 2cubs

2012, John Sparks and polar bears


2013, Margaret & Ray Bulmer did a Hebridean Wild-Life Cruise


2013 Andalucía by Rob Miles

Hverfjell explosion crater

2014, Iceland, with Mike & Alix Lord

Aberdaron church

2014, the Lleyn Peninsula, with Margaret & Ray Bulmer.

2019, Lanzarote in March – Jane Cumming (a DIY guide ‘trip planner’)

2022, Mallorca – Fraser, Landen & Watson 


Fishing village in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Far East – by Pauline Vowles

Oriental Darter

2013, Goa, by Adrian Adams

2017, Rajasthan, India with John Thorogood



Richard Belson on New Zealand Wildlife