The Bristol List

346 species have been officially recorded (up to Dec 31st 2017) in Avon (for a definition of the area this covers see the recording area) .

This is the official list, which is maintained by AOG and is updated annually in line with the production of the Avon Bird Report. The list follows the order used by the British Ornithologists Union (BOU).

This list can be downloaded: Bristol List 2017 (Excel ® spreadsheet format)

An annotated list of birds of unknown origin provides details of all species recorded in Avon but do not form part of the official list.

The Bristol list

IOC seqIOC NameName used in ABR to 2014IOC scientific name (as at 31st December 2014. Based on the 2014 Avon Bird Report updated to include 2015 and 16 additions)
1308Brant GooseBrent GooseBranta berniclaTwo species occur; B.b. bernicla Brent Goose (Dark-bellied) Uncommon coastal passage migrant and winter visitor; Very scarce inland. B.b. hrota; Brent Goose (Light-bellied); Scarce winter visitor and passage migrant.
1312Red-breasted GooseRed-breasted GooseBranta ruficollisOne old record; 1909.
1314Canada GooseGreater Canada GooseBranta canadensisFairly common introduced resident; largely at CVL and BL where numbers increase during the summer moult. Uncommon breeder.
1322Barnacle GooseBarnacle GooseBranta leucopsisUncommon introduced resident; very scarce winter visitor and passage migrant. It is often difficult to establish the origin of many with certainty; although wild birds have probably occurred.
1335Greylag GooseGreylag GooseAnser anserUncommon introduced resident and former summer moult migrant. It is assumed that most if not all belong to the western race (naturalised population) A. a. anser.
1339Taiga Bean GooseBean GooseAnser fabalis
1343Pink-footed GoosePink-footed GooseAnser brachyrhynchusRare winter visitor; last recorded in 2013.
1344Tundra Bean GooseBean GooseAnser serrirostrisRare winter visitor; last recorded in 2011. Both A. f. fabalis Taiga Bean Goose and A. f. rossicus Tundra Bean Goose have been identified.
1347Greater White-fronted GooseWhite-fronted GooseAnser albifronsTwo races occur; A.a. albifrons European White-fronted Goose. Uncommon and declining winter visitor and passage migrant. A.a. flavirostis; Greenland White-fronted Goose. Three records; 1964; 1993 and 2010.
1359Mute SwanMute SwanCygnus olorFairly common resident; most winter inland on the North Somerset moors. Summer moulting flocks occur mainly at CVL.
1361Tundra SwanBewick's SwanCygnus columbianus bewickiiUncommon and declining winter visitor and autumn passage migrant.
1364Whooper SwanWhooper SwanCygnus cygnusVery scarce winter visitor
1392Egyptian GooseEgyptian GooseAlopochen aegyptiacaVery scarce visitor; the majority of the local records are now thought to relate to the expanding UK feral population.
1412Common ShelduckShelduckTadorna tadornaFairly common resident; most migrate to moult. Uncommon inland (except at CVL). Uncommon breeder ? has declined in the last five decades.
1430Mandarin DuckMandarin DuckAix galericulataUncommon introduced resident; occasional breeder.
1454GarganeyGarganeySpatula querquedulaScarce spring passage migrant and summer visitor; uncommon autumn passage migrant at CVL and BL; scarce elsewhere. Has bred.
1467Blue-winged TealBlue-winged TealSpatula discorsRare Nearctic vagrant; last recorded in 2011.
1470Northern ShovelerShovelerSpatula clypeataFairly common - but generally local - winter visitor and autumn passage migrant; usually common at CVL and BL in autumn/early winter. Scarce in summer; has bred at CVL and BL.
1472GadwallGadwallMareca streperaFairly common resident; winter visitor and late summer/autumn moult visitormost numerous in autumn. Uncommon as a breeding species.
1476Eurasian WigeonWigeonMareca penelopeFairly common winter visitor and passage migrant; rare in summer.
1478American WigeonAmerican WigeonMareca americanaRare nearctic vagrant; last recorded in 2009.
1498MallardMallardAnas platyrhynchosCommon and widespread resident; autumn passage migrant and winter visitor. Fairly common breeder (by far our commonest breeding duck).
1519Northern PintailPintailAnas acutaUncommon autumn passage migrant and winter visitor; most occur at CVL in autumn. Wintering birds leave from mid-February to early April with autumn arrivals usually appearing in mid-September.
1520Eurasian TealTealAnas creccaCommon winter visitor and autumn passage migrant to the coast and reservoirs; present in small numbers elsewhere. A few usually over-summer at CVL.
1521Green-winged TealGreen-winged TealAnas carolinensisRare Nearctic vagrant; last recorded in 2014.
1544Red-crested PochardRed-crested PochardNetta rufinaScarce visitor; most often in autumn. Likely status as a rare continental visitor obscured by feral birds - notably from the growing population at the Cotswold Water Park(Glos/Wilts) and escapes.
1552Common PochardPochardAythya ferinaFairly common winter visitor and autumn passage migrant. Uncommon in summer; scarce breeder at CVL - has bred at BL.
1556Ferruginous DuckFerruginous DuckAythya nyrocaFormerly a rare vagrant but now scarce. Almost annual since 2000 and possibly bred in 2006.
1558Ring-necked DuckRing-necked DuckAythya collarisScarce Nearctic vagrant.
1559Tufted DuckTufted DuckAythya fuligulaCommon resident - winter visitor and double passage migrant. Now a scarce breeder.
1560Greater ScaupScaupAythya marilaNow a Scarce passage migrant and winter visitor. Has occurred in most months. Most frequent at the reservoirs.
1563Lesser ScaupLesser ScaupAythya affinisRare Nearctic vagrant last recorded in 2014.
1569Common EiderEiderSomateria mollissimaScarce winter visitor and scarce/uncommon passage migrant. May occur in any month. Very rare inland.
1582Velvet ScoterVelvet ScoterMelanitta fuscaRare/very scarce winter visitor; very rare inland.
1585Common ScoterCommon ScoterMelanitta nigraUncommon spring/summer and autumn passage migrant; scarce winter visitor; normally a few inland records each year - mainly at CVL.
1588Long-tailed DuckLong-tailed DuckClangula hyemalisScarce winter visitor; some at the reservoirs may stay for several months.
1591Common GoldeneyeGoldeneyeBucephala clangulaFairly common winter visitor and spring passage migrant; numbers peak in late March and early April. Scarce away from the main reservoirs and scarce/very scarce in summer although has bred at CVL.
1596SmewSmewMergellus albellusScarce winter visitor mainly to CVL and BL.
1602Common MerganserGoosanderMergus merganserFairly common winter visitor to CVL; now increasingly recorded from other sites. Still uncommon away from CVL. Scarce in the Estuary.
1606Red-breasted MerganserRed-breasted MerganserMergus serratorScarce winter visitor and passage migrant. Most records in recent years are of a regularly returning individual at CVL.
1613Ruddy DuckRuddy DuckOxyura jamaicensisOnce common introduced winter visitor at CVL and BL and scarce elsewhere - now very scarce. Regularly culled by order of Defra. The last recorded local breeding was in 2008.
669Black GrouseBlack GrouseLyrurus tetrixFormer resident last recorded in 1922.
809Red-legged PartridgeRed-legged PartridgeAlectoris rufaLocally fairly common breeding resident but large numbers released for ?sporting? purposes.
929Grey PartridgeGrey PartridgePerdix perdixUncommon local and declining breeding resident. Some are probably hand-reared and released.
955Common QuailQuailCoturnix coturnixScarce summer visitor and presumed breeder; In the north-east of the area. Rare passage migrant.
1205Common PheasantPheasantPhasianus colchicusFairly common but under recorded. Very large numbers are released for ?sporting? purposes.
1654Red-throated LoonRed-throated DiverGavia stellata Formerly a very scarce winter visitor and passage migrant to the larger reservoirs and the Estuary - sometimes storm driven. In recent winters numbers have been noted in the lower Estuary.
1655Black-throated LoonBlack-throated DiverGavia arcticaRare passage migrant and winter visitor - sometimes storm driven. Last recorded in 2013.
1658Pacific LoonPacific DiverGavia pacificaOne record; 2009.
1659Common LoonGreat Northern DiverGavia immerScarce winter visitor and passage migrant to the larger reservoirs and the Estuary - sometimes staying for considerable lengths of time on the reservoirs.
1726Black-bellied/White-bellied Storm-petrelWhite-bellied/Black-bellied Storm-petrelFregetta tropica/grallariaOne in 2009 was the first European record of the genus.
1768European Storm PetrelStorm PetrelHydrobates pelagicusScarce storm driven summer/autumn visitor to the Estuary SW of the Second Severn Crossing. Rare in winter and very rare inland.
1780Leach's Storm PetrelLeach's PetrelOceanodroma leucorhoaScarce storm-driven visitor to the Estuary SW of the Second Severn Crossing mainly in autumn and winter. Usually in ones or twos but large numbers have occurred in wrecks. Very rare inland.
1801Northern FulmarFulmarFulmarus glacialisUncommon visitor; less common in winter. Usually storm-driven - but occasionally occurs in calm conditions in mid-summer. Rare inland.
1893Cory's ShearwaterCory's ShearwaterCalonectris borealisTwo records; 2000.2004. [NB now split into 2 species, almost all GB records Cory's with just 1 accepted Scopoli's. Our birds assumed to be Cory's but may need review]
1898Sooty ShearwaterSooty ShearwaterArdenna griseaThree records; 1962. 1971. 1974.
1905Manx ShearwaterManx ShearwaterPuffinus puffinusUncommon summer/autumn visitor: usually storm-driven - although large feeding flocks have occurred in calm anti-cyclonic conditions in mid-summer. Seldom recorded NE of the Second Severn Crossing. Rare inland.
1907Balearic ShearwaterBalearic ShearwaterPuffinus mauretanicusOne record; 1988.
1958Little GrebeLittle GrebeTachybaptus ruficollisFairly common breeding resident; occurs widely in rhynes and small to medium-sized pools. Numbers peak in late summer at the reservoirs before dispersing. Very scarce in the Estuary.
1985Pied-billed GrebePied-billed GrebePodilymbus podicepsOne from1964 to 1968 was the first European record.
2003Red-necked GrebeRed-necked GrebePodiceps grisegenaVery scarce passage migrant and winter visitor; records away from the main reservoirs are very rare.
2006Great Crested GrebeGreat Crested GrebePodiceps cristatusFairly common breeding resident; but occurs commonly at the reservoirs - particularly during the autumn moult/passage. Scarce elsewhere - including the Estuary.
2010Horned GrebeSlavonian GrebePodiceps auritusScarce passage migrant and winter visitor. Almost always at freshwater sites and rare in the Estuary.
2013Black-necked GrebeBlack-necked GrebePodiceps nigricollisScarce passage migrant; wintered for the first time in 1998/99 and becoming increasingly frequent in the winter. Almost always at freshwater sites and rare in the Estuary. Has bred.
2076Black StorkBlack StorkCiconia nigraTwo records; 1988. 1992.
2084White StorkWhite StorkCiconia ciconiaRare vagrant. True status confused by the likelihood of escapes from captivity. Last recorded 2012.
2157Glossy IbisGlossy IbisPlegadis falcinellusRare vagrant first recorded in 2007 but now with 13 records.
2165Eurasian SpoonbillSpoonbillPlatalea leucorodiaScarce passage migrant.
2201Eurasian BitternBitternBotaurus stellarisScarce winter visitor; mainly to CVL. Bred in 1997 and now occasionally recorded in the summer months.
2217Little BitternLittle BitternIxobrychus minutusSix records; 1789. 1864. 1912. 1917. 1958. 1993.
2239Black-crowned Night HeronNight-heronNycticorax nycticoraxRare vagrant; last recorded 2001.
2293Squacco HeronSquacco HeronArdeola ralloidesThree records; 1973. 1977. 2012.
2302Western Cattle EgretCattle EgretBubulcus ibisRare vagrant; last recorded in 2012.
2305Grey HeronGrey HeronArdea cinereaFairly common resident; uncommon as a breeding species.
2323Purple HeronPurple HeronArdea purpureaRare vagrant; last recorded 2014.
2328Great EgretGreat White EgretArdea albaRare vagrant first recorded in 2002 but now with 19 records.
2358Little EgretLittle EgretEgretta garzettaScarce resident and scarce visitor; mainly from late summer to winter. In line with the national trend numbers have increased dramatically during the last few years.
2401Frigatebird spFrigatebird spFregata sp. One record; Nov. 6th 2005, almost certainly the Magnificent Frigatebird Fregata magnificens found moribund in Shropshire the next day.
2415Northern GannetGannetMorus bassanusUncommon storm-driven visitor; mainly in spring and summer. Rare inland.
2476European ShagShagPhalacrocorax aristotelisScarce visitor - mainly in autumn and winter (rare inland); sometimes storm-driven.
2486Great CormorantCormorantPhalacrocorax carboTwo races occur; P.c. carbo -Fairly common resident and winter visitor; especially to the main reservoirs; breeds in small numbers on Steep Holm. Previously dominated all records and probably still accounts for all breeding birds. P.c. sinensis ; now fairly common amongst non-breeding birds.
2559Western OspreyOspreyPandion haliaetusScarce passage migrant; most records are from the reservoirs.
2612European Honey BuzzardHoney-buzzardPernis apivorusVery scarce passage migrant.
2992Eurasian SparrowhawkSparrowhawkAccipiter nisusFairly common breeding resident; possibly also an uncommon passage migrant.
3028Northern GoshawkGoshawkAccipiter gentilisVery scarce visitor and resident.
3041Western Marsh HarrierMarsh HarrierCircus aeruginosusUncommon visitor and passage migrant; has wintered at CVL.
3053Hen HarrierHen HarrierCircus cyaneusScarce winter visitor and passage migrant; mainly to the coast.
3057Pallid HarrierPallid HarrierCircus macrourusOne record; 2011.
3058Montagu's HarrierMontagu's HarrierCircus pygargusRare summer visitor and passage migrant; last recorded 2011.
3060Red KiteRed KiteMilvus milvusUncommon passage migrant and increasingly frequent visitor.
3063Black KiteBlack KiteMilvus migransThree records: 1983. 1994. 2010
3085White-tailed EagleWhite-tailed EagleHaliaeetus albicillaFour records; 1861. 1871. 1919. 1927.
3236Rough-legged BuzzardRough-legged BuzzardButeo lagopusFive records; 1906. 1909. 1910. 1971. 1974.
3252Common BuzzardBuzzardButeo buteoFairly common breeding resident; possibly also an uncommon passage migrant. The population has steadily increased since the late 1980s. Now regularly seen over suburban areas.
3569Water RailWater RailRallus aquaticusUncommon winter visitor; scarce in summer and very scarce as a breeding species.
3598Corn CrakeCorncrakeCrex crexFormerly uncommon but now a rare passage migrant; last recorded in 2011.
3657Little CrakeLittle CrakePorzana parvaTwo records; 1961. 1967.
3658Baillon's CrakeBaillon's CrakePorzana pusillaTwo very old records; 1840 and 1901.
3665Spotted CrakeSpotted CrakePorzana porzanaScarce passage migrant. Most records come from CVL in August or September.
3755Common MoorhenMoorhenGallinula chloropusFairly common breeding resident. Seen in large numbers at the reservoirs in late summer/autumn.
3786Eurasian CootCootFulica atraFairly common and widespread breeding resident; abundant in the autumn at the main reservoirs.
3845Common CraneCraneGrus grusRare vagrant but a release project has been in place in Somerset since 2010.
3927Eurasian Stone-curlewStone-curlewBurhinus oedicnemusRare passage migrant; last recorded in 2013.
3977Eurasian OystercatcherOystercatcherHaematopus ostralegusFairly common resident - passage migrant and winter visitor; scarce breeder.
4000Black-winged StiltBlack-winged StiltHimantopus himantopusThree records; 1965. 1997. 2012.
4010Pied AvocetAvocetRecurvirostra avosettaUncommon winter visitor/ passage migrant. Rare inland.
4017Northern LapwingLapwingVanellus vanellusFairly common and widespread winter visitor and passage migrant; can become common in some winters. Uncommon and declining breedert/summer visitor.
4068European Golden PloverGolden PloverPluvialis apricariaFairly common winter visitor and scarce passage migrant.
4070American Golden PloverAmerican Golden PloverPluvialis dominicaThree records; 1994. 2003. 2013.
4071Grey PloverGrey PloverPluvialis squatarolaUncommon winter visitor and passage migrant. Scarce inland.
4079Common Ringed PloverRinged PloverCharadrius hiaticulaTwo races occur; C.h.hiaticula; Uncommon winter visitor and fairly common passage migrant (most numerous in autumn). Small numbers occur inland on passage. Scarce breeder. Most belong to this race breeding in Canada and N. W. Europe; C.h.tundrae A few of this race may occur; breeding from N. Scandinavia to Siberia.
4085Little Ringed PloverLittle Ringed PloverCharadrius dubiusUncommon passage migrant; generally more common in autumn. Scarce breeder.
4094KilldeerKilldeerCharadrius vociferusOne record; 1976.
4113Kentish PloverKentish PloverCharadrius alexandrinusRare spring/autumn vagrant; last recorded in 2011.
4139Greater Sand PloverGreater Sand PloverCharadrius leschenaultiiOne record; 1979/80.
4145Eurasian DotterelDotterelCharadrius morinellusRare passage migrant; mainly in May and August/September - last recorded in 2014.
4217Upland SandpiperUpland SandpiperBartramia longicaudaOne record; 2005.
4220WhimbrelWhimbrelNumenius phaeopusPassage migrant; Common in spring and uncommon in autumn. Scarce in summer and has occurred in winter.
4233Eurasian CurlewCurlewNumenius arquataFairly common winter visitor and passage migrant; uncommon in summer. Uncommon inland. Has bred.
4238Bar-tailed GodwitBar-tailed GodwitLimosa lapponicaPassage migrant; in varying numbers - usually uncommon. Can occur in large numbers on spring passage. Scarce in winter and inland.
4243Black-tailed GodwitBlack-tailed GodwitLimosa limosaTwo races occur. L.l. islandica (breeding N. Isles and Iceland) - Uncommon passage migrant; generally more numerous in autumn. Scarce in winter. L.l. limosa (breeding W. Europe and east) - Rare visitor definite records in June and July only.
4252Ruddy TurnstoneTurnstoneArenaria interpresFairly common winter visitor/passage migran; Scarce in summer and inland.
4263Red KnotKnotCalidris canutusTwo races occur; C.c. islandica; Nearctic; Fairly common winter visitor and passage migrant; scarce inland. C.c. canutus; Siberian; Research suggests that almost all UK birds belong to the race islandica. Hence it is assumed this also holds for the Avon populations.
4271RuffRuffPhilomachus pugnaxUncommon autumn passage migrant; scarce in winter and on spring passage.
4272Broad-billed SandpiperBroad-billed SandpiperCalidris falcinellusTwo records on the coast; 1983. 1988.
4275Sharp-tailed SandpiperSharp-tailed SandpiperCalidris acuminataOne record; 2011.
4277Curlew SandpiperCurlew SandpiperCalidris ferrugineaPassage migrant; scarce in spring and uncommon in autumn. Very rare in winter.
4278Temminck's StintTemminck's StintCalidris temminckiiRare vagrant; last recorded in 2011.
4282SanderlingSanderlingCalidris albaUncommon passage migrant; more often in spring than in autumn. Very scarce in winter and inland.
4285DunlinDunlinCalidris alpineCommon winter visitor and passage migrant; uncommon in summer. Small numbers occur inland on passage. Three races occur; C.a. alpina ; breeding N. Scandinavia to Siberia - mainly occurs as a winter visitor; C.a. arctica; breeding N. E. Greenland - rare - only recorded in late May and June; C.a. schinzii; breeding N. W. Europe - mainly seen on passage.
4301Purple SandpiperPurple SandpiperCalidris maritimaScarce winter visitor; very rare inland.
4302Baird's SandpiperBaird's SandpiperCalidris bairdiiOne record; 2001.
4303Little StintLittle StintCalidris minutaPassage migrant; very scarce in spring and uncommon in autumn. Rare in winter.
4305White-rumped SandpiperWhite-rumped SandpiperCalidris fuscicollisFive records. 1978 (2). 1985. 1991. 1995. 1998.
4306Buff-breasted SandpiperBuff-breasted SandpiperCalidris subruficollisRare vagrant; last recorded in 2003.
4307Pectoral SandpiperPectoral SandpiperCalidris melanotosVery scarce vagrant; it is assumed that most are of Nearctic origin but a north-eastern Palearctic origin for some birds cannot be ruled out. First recorded in Sept. 1935 at BG.
4308Semipalmated SandpiperSemipalmated SandpiperCalidris pusillaThree records; 1990. 2009 and 2011.
4312Long-billed DowitcherLong-billed DowitcherLimnodromus scolopaceusThree records 1977-78 (2). 2009 and 2011 (2) plus dowitcher sp. records in 1977 and 1978.
4318WoodcockWoodcockScolopax rusticolaUncommon winter visitor; almost certainly overlooked. Has bred in the past.
4338Jack SnipeJack SnipeLymnocryptes minimusUncommon winter visitor and passage migrant; probably overlooked.
4352Great SnipeGreat SnipeGallinago mediaThree records; before 1893. 1949. 1950.
4353Common SnipeSnipeGallinago gallinagoFairly common winter visitor and passage migrant; has bred in the past. Two races: gallinago (Palearctic) and faeroeensis (breeding N. Isles and Iceland). Most in Avon are from the race gallinago but an unknown - but probably very small number of faeroeensis may also occur.
4371Terek SandpiperTerek SandpiperXenus cinereusOne record 1986.
4373Wilson's PhalaropeWilson's PhalaropePhalaropus tricolorRare Nearctic vagrant; last recorded 1988.
4374Red-necked PhalaropeRed-necked PhalaropePhalaropus lobatusRare passage migrant last recorded 2014.
4375Grey PhalaropeGrey PhalaropePhalaropus fulicariusScarce: wind driven visitor in autumn - rare at other times.
4377Common SandpiperCommon SandpiperActitis hypoleucosFairly common passage migrant and scarce winter visitor.
4378Spotted SandpiperSpotted SandpiperActitis maculariusFour records; 1982. 2003. 2007 and 2011/12.
4380Green SandpiperGreen SandpiperTringa ochropusFairly common autumn passage migrant; scarce in winter and spring.
4386Lesser YellowlegsLesser YellowlegsTringa flavipesFour records; 1967. 1984. 2006 and 2011.
4387Atlantic PuffinPuffinFratercula arcticaSix records; all in February - 1951 (dead). 1997. 2002 (2 records). 2014 (2 records. one dead).
4390Common RedshankRedshankTringa tetanusFairly common passage migrant and winter visitor; uncommon in summer and very scarce breeder. Uncommon inland; Two races occur; T.t. totanus; breeding Europe to east. T.t. robusta;breeding Iceland. It is assumed that most in Avon are of the race totanus. An unknown proportion of robusta almost certainly occur.
4397Marsh SandpiperMarsh SandpiperTringa stagnatilisTwo records; 1982. 1984.
4398Wood SandpiperWood SandpiperTringa glareolaPassage migrant; scarce in autumn and rare in spring. Most frequent at CVL.
4399Spotted RedshankSpotted RedshankTringa erythropusScarce autumn passage migrant and winter visitor; very scarce in spring.
4400Common GreenshankGreenshankTringa nebulariaUncommon passage migrant; more numerous in autumn. Scarce in winter.
4440Collared PratincoleCollared PratincoleGlareola pratincolaOne very old record; some time prior to 1881.
4444Black-winged PratincoleBlack-winged PratincoleGlareola nordmanniThree records; 1964. 1988. 1993.
4496Black-legged KittiwakeKittiwakeRissa tridactylaUsually a storm-driven visitor; uncommon but large flocks sometimes occur in the Estuary. Also occurs in anticyclonic conditions in early spring as a presumed migrant. Scarce inland usually only at CVL.
4501Ivory GullIvory GullPagophila eburneaOne old record; 1864.
4503Sabine's GullSabine's GullXema sabiniVery scarce autumn passage migrant; most occur during or after westerly gales but has occurred in calm weather. Very rare as a spring passage migrant.
4506Bonaparte's GullBonaparte's GullChroicocephalus philadelphiaVery rare vagrant; one record 2013.
4515Black-headed GullBlack-headed GullChroicocephalus ridibundusAbundant winter visitor and passage migrant; small numbers of non-breeding birds remain throughout the summer. Huge winter roost at CVL.
4522Little GullLittle GullHydrocoloeus minutusUncommon passage migrant; scarce in winter.
4528Laughing GullLaughing GullLeucophaeus atricillaTwo records; 1999. 2006.
4531Franklin's GullFranklin's GullLeucophaeus pipixcanFour records; 1984. 1988. 2000. 2008.
4536Mediterranean GullMediterranean GullIchthyaetus melanocephalusUncommon winter visitor and passage migrant; stable after a period of increase.
4548Mew GullCommon GullLarus canusCommon winter visitor and passage migrant; scarce in summer. Largest flocks are usually on upland or flooded fields and are often thinly spread elsewhere. Huge (c18000) winter roost at CVL and significant one on the Estuary that is difficult to count.
4553Ring-billed GullRing-billed GullLarus delawarensisScarce Nearctic vagrant. Most records are from CVL. Occasionally in winter but nowadays one or two are expected to appear in the gull roost during spring passage in February or March. Very rare on the coast - or in summer.
4559Great Black-backed GullGreat Black-backed GullLarus marinusUncommon breeding resident - breeds in small numbers on Steep Holm. Generally uncommon elsewhere (perhaps surprisingly so); seldom recorded inland away from the reservoirs.
4569Glaucous GullGlaucous GullLarus hyperboreusVery scarce winter visitor.
4574Iceland GullIceland GullLarus glaucoidesTwo races occur; L.g. glaucoides; Very scarce winter visitor; occurs more frequently than Glaucous Gull. L.g. kumlieni Kumlien's Gull; Rare Nearctic winter visitor; last recorded in 2014.
4578European Herring GullHerring GullLarus argentatusTwo races occur; L.a. argenteus;Western race; Common winter visitor - passage migrant and breeding resident; largest numbers occur near the coast or around Bristol and Bath. In addition to the colony on Steep Holm there are large urban colonies in Bristol and Bath. There are smaller colonies in other towns. L.a. argentatus; Scandinavian race ; Scarce winter visitor; probably overlooked.
4585Caspian GullCaspian GullLarus cachinnansRare/very scarce passage migrant/winter visitor; last recorded in 2013.
4586Yellow-legged GullYellow-legged GullLarus michahellisUncommon passage migrant - summer visitor and winter visitor; most occur in the autumn at CVL but now increasingly recorded elsewhere.
4591Lesser Black-backed GullLesser Black-backed GullLarus fuscusCommon winter visitor passage migrant and breeding resident. In addition to the colony on Steep Holm there are large urban colonies in Bristol and Bath and smaller colonies in other towns. Two races occur; L.f. graellsii; Western race. L.f. intermedius Scandinavian race; Scarce winter visitor and passage migrant; annual at CVL. Probably overlooked - particularly in non-adult plumage.
4606Caspian TernCaspian TernHydroprogne caspiaOne record; 1988.
4621Sandwich TernSandwich TernThalasseus sandvicensisUncommon passage migrant; most are recorded on the coast.
4627Little TernLittle TernSternula albifronsScarce passage migrant; generally the scarcest of the five ?common? terns.
4646Bridled TernBridled TernOnychoprion anaethetusOne record; 1958 (dead).
4651Sooty TernSooty TernOnychoprion fuscatusOne old record; 1885.
4661Roseate TernRoseate TernSterna dougalliiRare passage migrant; last recorded in 2001.
4672Common TernCommon TernSterna hirundoPassage migrant; a few occur throughout the summer - generally uncommon but large flocks have been recorded in some years.
4678Arctic TernArctic TernSterna paradisaeaUsually an uncommon passage migrant. But can occasionally occur in large flocks in the Estuary under favourable conditions in spring; otherwise generally occurs in smaller numbers than Common Tern. Often appears after westerly gales.
4694Whiskered TernWhiskered TernChlidonias hybridaFour records; 1959. 1983(2). 2006. 2013 (2).
4698White-winged Black TernWhite-winged Black TernChlidonias leucopterusRare continental vagrant; last recorded in 2014.
4699Black TernBlack TernChlidonias nigerTwo races occur; C. n. niger; Uncommon passage migrant; most frequent in the autumn when occasional influxes occur. Most records are from CVL. C.n. surinamensis; American Black Tern Very rare Nearctic vagrant with one record - the first for Britain in October 1999.
4715Great SkuaGreat SkuaStercorarius skuaScarce spring passage migrant and storm-driven visitor; Rare inland.
4716Pomarine JaegerPomarine SkuaStercorarius pomarinusScarce spring passage migrant and storm-driven autumn /winter visitor; Very rare inland.
4717Parasitic JaegerArctic SkuaStercorarius parasiticusUncommon spring passage migrant and storm-driven visitor (mainly spring or autumn). Rare inland (mainly at CVL).
4718Long-tailed JaegerLong-tailed SkuaStercorarius longicaudusRare spring and autumn passage migrant; occasionally storm driven. The rarest of our skuas and last recorded in 2008.
4724Little AukLittle AukAlle alleVery scarce storm-driven visitor; usually at Severnside. Very rare inland.
4733Common MurreGuillemotUria aalgeScarce storm-driven visitor throughout the year; one inland record in 2014.
4740RazorbillRazorbillAlca tordaVery scarce storm-driven visitor; rare in summer. Occurs in smaller numbers than Guillemot. No inland records.
4746Black GuillemotBlack GuillemotCepphus grylleTwo records; 1896. 1988.
4791Pallas's SandgrousePallas's SandgrouseSyrrhaptes paradoxusTwo old records; in irruption years. 1863. 1888.
4839Rock DoveFeral PigeonColumba liviaIntroduced common resident [Feral Pigeon]; mostly found in urban areas.
4859Stock DoveStock DoveColumba oenasFairly common but declining breeding resident.
4864Common Wood PigeonWoodpigeonColumba palumbusAbundant breeding resident and migrant.
4983European Turtle DoveTurtle DoveStreptopelia turturFormerly a fairly common summer visitor; Has undergone a steep decline with our last breeding in 1983. It is now a scarce passage migrant.
4999Eurasian Collared DoveCollared DoveStreptopelia decaoctoCommon breeding resident.
6240Common CuckooCuckooCuculus canorusScarce and seriously declining spring migrant and breeding summer visitor; Very scarce after June. Recent tracking has shown that most UK adults depart at this time.
6274Western Barn OwlBarn OwlTyto albaBreeding resident and uncommon after long-term decline; slowly recovering locally in recent years and benefitting from conservation effort in several areas.
6639Tawny OwlTawny OwlStrix alucoFairly common breeding resident.
6813Little OwlLittle OwlAthene noctuaIntroduced in the 19th century. Uncommon breeding resident but declining.
6983Long-eared OwlLong-eared OwlAsio otusScarce winter visitor and passage migrant. Very rare in summer but bred successfully in 1991. 2010 and 2011.
6992Short-eared OwlShort-eared OwlAsio flammeusUncommon winter visitor and passage migrant; mainly on the coast.
7268European NightjarNightjarCaprimulgus europaeusScarce passage migrant and occasional breeding summer visitor.
7684Alpine SwiftAlpine SwiftTachymarptis melbaRare vagrant; last recorded in 2002.
7703Common SwiftSwiftApus apusCommon breeding summer visitor and passage migrant.
8939European RollerRollerCoracias garrulusOne record; 1976.
9279Common KingfisherKingfisherAlcedo atthisFairly common breeding resident; distributed in small numbers on waters throughout the area.
9510European Bee-eaterBee-eaterMerops apiasterRare summer vagrant; last recorded in 2008.
9518Eurasian HoopoeHoopoeUpupa epopsVery scarce spring migrant; rare in autumn.
10282Eurasian WryneckWryneckJynx torquillaScarce autumn passage migrant. Very rare in spring.
10648Lesser Spotted WoodpeckerLesser Spotted WoodpeckerDryobates minorScarce and elusive resident; last proven to breed in 2003.
10768Great Spotted WoodpeckerGreat Spotted WoodpeckerDendrocopos major Fairly common breeding resident increasing both nationally and locally.
11038European Green WoodpeckerGreen WoodpeckerPicus viridisFairly common breeding resident; increasing nationally.
11221Common KestrelKestrelFalco tinnunculusFairly common but declining breeding resident.
11276Red-footed FalconRed-footed FalconFalco vespertinusThree records; 1967. 1992. 2014.
11284MerlinMerlinFalco columbariusUncommon passage migrant and winter visitor; most are recorded on the coast; scarce inland.
11299Eurasian HobbyHobbyFalco subbuteoUncommon passage migrant and scarce breeding summer visitor.
11326GyrfalconGyr FalconFalco rusticolusOne record; 1961/62 - a wintering bird at CVL.
11328Peregrine FalconPeregrineFalco peregrinusUncommon resident; winter visitor and breeder.
12035Rose-ringed ParakeetRing-necked ParakeetPsittacula krameriAn occasional visitor; some records may refer to wanderers from the substantial home counties feral population.
18781Red-backed ShrikeRed-backed ShrikeLanius collurioRare passage migrant; last recorded in 2014. Formerly bred - most recently in 1975.
18812Lesser Grey ShrikeLesser Grey ShrikeLanius minorOne record; 1982.
18821Northern ShrikeGreat Grey ShrikeLanius excubitorVery scarce winter visitor.
18863Woodchat ShrikeWoodchat ShrikeLanius senatorRare vagrant last recorded in 2013. One record of the race badius in 2005.
19204Eurasian Golden OrioleGolden OrioleOriolus oriolusRare vagrant in early summer; last recorded 2005.
20063Eurasian JayJayGarrulus glandariusFairly common breeding resident.
20168Eurasian MagpieMagpiePica picaCommon breeding resident.
20192Spotted NutcrackerNutcrackerNucifraga caryocatactesThree records; 1887? 1925. 1968.
20203Red-billed ChoughChoughPyrrhocorax pyrrhocoraxThree records; 1900. 1941/42. 2006.
20219Western JackdawJackdawColoeus monedulaAbundant breeding resident; uncommon passage migrant. Local birds are C. m. spermollogus but C. m. monedula (?Nordic Jackdaw?) was recorded in 2008 (4) and 2014.
20254RookRookCorvus frugilegusCommon breeding resident.
20272Carrion CrowCarrion CrowCorvus coroneCommon breeding resident.
20275Hooded CrowHooded CrowCorvus cornixRare non-breeding visitor; last recorded in 2003.
20309Northern RavenRavenCorvus coraxUncommon breeding resident; possibly an uncommon passage migrant.
20639Bohemian WaxwingWaxwingBombycilla garrulousScarce irruptive winter visitor. Erratic locally with a big influx in winter 2004/05.
20745Coal TitCoal TitPeriparus aterFairly common breeding resident; probably also a passage migrant.
20836Marsh TitMarsh TitPoecile palustrisUncommon breeding resident.
20849Willow TitWillow TitPoecile montanaApparently still a very scarce resident; formerly less rare.
20914Eurasian Blue TitBlue TitCyanistes caeruleusAbundant breeding resident.
20936Great TitGreat TitParus majorAbundant breeding resident.
21032Eurasian Penduline TitPenduline TitRemiz pendulinusOne record; 2012.
21087Bearded ReedlingBearded TitPanurus biarmicusVery scarce passage migrant and winter visitor; the majority recorded from the extensive reed beds at CVL where breeding took place in 1991.
21341WoodlarkWoodlarkLullula arboreaVery scarce late autumn migrant.
21382Eurasian SkylarkSkylarkAlauda arvensisDeclining but still common breeding resident and passage migrant/winter visitor.
21457Horned LarkShore LarkEremophila alpestrisRare winter visitor and passage migrant; exceptional inland.
22079Sand MartinSand MartinRiparia ripariaFairly common passage migrant; local and uncommon breeding summer visitor.
22170Barn SwallowSwallowHirundo rusticaCommon passage migrant and breeding summer visitor.
22232Common House MartinHouse MartinDelichon urbicumCommon passage migrant and breeding summer visitor.
22259Red-rumped SwallowRed-rumped SwallowCecropis dauricaFive records; 1970. 1977. 1988. 1990. 2012.
22486Cetti's WarblerCetti's WarblerCettia cettiUncommon resident. First definitely bred in 1995.
22553Long-tailed TitLong-tailed TitAegithalos caudatusCommon breeding resident.
22643Willow WarblerWillow WarblerPhylloscopus trochilusCommon passage migrant and declining breeding summer visitor.
22647Common ChiffchaffChiffchaffPhylloscopus collybitaTwo species occur; P. c. collybita Common passage migrant and breeding summer visitor. Also an uncommon winter visitor, and therefore possibly an uncommon resident; P. c. tristis; Siberian Chiffchaff. Scarce or very scarce late autumn migrant and winter visitor, rare in spring.
22664Wood WarblerWood WarblerPhylloscopus sibilatrixUncommon spring passage migrant. Rare on autumn passage. Last bred in 1996.
22665Dusky WarblerDusky WarblerPhylloscopus fuscatusTwo records; both in 2004.
22690Pallas's Leaf WarblerPallas's WarblerPhylloscopus proregulusOne record 1996.
22695Yellow-browed WarblerYellow-browed WarblerPhylloscopus inornatusScarce or very scarce autumn visitor; rare in winter.
22699Arctic WarblerArctic WarblerPhylloscopus borealisOne record 1965.
22705Greenish WarblerGreenish WarblerPhylloscopus trochiloidesOne record; 2014
22859Great Reed WarblerGreat Reed WarblerAcrocephalus arundinaceusFour records; 1992. 2008. 2012 and 2014.
22923Aquatic WarblerAquatic WarblerAcrocephalus paludicolaRare autumn passage migrant being almost exclusively at CVL; one spring record. Last recorded in 1999.
22924Sedge WarblerSedge WarblerAcrocephalus schoenobaenusFairly common passage migrant and breeding summer visitor.
22936Eurasian Reed WarblerReed WarblerAcrocephalus scirpaceusFairly common passage migrant and breeding summer visitor.
22948Marsh WarblerMarsh WarblerAcrocephalus palustrisRare passage migrant and summer visitor; recent records in 1979(2). 1986. 1994.
22975Melodious WarblerMelodious WarblerHippolais polyglottaFour records; 1961. 1967. 1979. 1984.
22976Icterine WarblerIcterine WarblerHippolais icterinaOne record; 1992.
23006Common Grasshopper WarblerGrasshopper WarblerLocustella naeviaUncommon passage migrant; scarce breeding summer visitor.
23016Savi's WarblerSavi's WarblerLocustella luscinioidesFour records; 1960. 1980. 1987. 2001.
24788Eurasian BlackcapBlackcapSylvia atricapillaCommon passage migrant and breeding summer visitor; It is now also a fairly common winter visitor - most frequently recorded in gardens.
24794Garden WarblerGarden WarblerSylvia borinFairly common passage migrant and breeding summer visitor.
24800Lesser WhitethroatLesser WhitethroatSylvia currucaFairly common passage migrant and breeding summer visitor.
24822Common WhitethroatWhitethroatSylvia communisCommon passage migrant and breeding summer visitor.
24827Dartford WarblerDartford WarblerSylvia undataFormerly rare but now a scarce visitor; Has bred.
24839Subalpine WarblerSubalpine WarblerSylvia cantillansOne record; 2004.
25410Common FirecrestFirecrestRegulus ignicapillaScarce passage migrant and winter visitor.
25416GoldcrestGoldcrestRegulus regulusFairly common breeding resident - passage migrant and winter visitor.
25752Eurasian WrenWrenTroglodytes troglodytesAbundant breeding resident.
26023Eurasian NuthatchNuthatchSitta europaeaFairly common breeding resident.
26134Eurasian TreecreeperTreecreeperCerthia familiarisFairly common breeding resident.
26492Rosy StarlingRose-coloured StarlingPastor roseus Rare vagrant; last recorded 2014.
26494Common StarlingStarlingSturnus vulgarisStill abundant breeding resident/passage migrant and winter visito: but declining rapidly.
26711White's ThrushWhite's ThrushZoothera aureaOne old record; 1871.
26954Ring OuzelRing OuzelTurdus torquatusScarce passage migrant; very scarce in autumn being found mostly on or near the coast.
26959Common BlackbirdBlackbirdTurdus merulaAbundant resident; passage status uncertain.
27037Black-throated ThrushBlack-throated ThrushTurdus atrogularisOne record; 1996.
27041FieldfareFieldfareTurdus pilarisCommon winter visitor and passage migrant; can occur in large numbers in hard winters.
27042RedwingRedwingTurdus iliacusCommon winter visitor and passage migrant; Can occur in large numbers in hard winters.
27045Song ThrushSong ThrushTurdus philomelosCommon breeding resident.
27051Mistle ThrushMistle ThrushTurdus viscivorusUncommon breeding resident and passage migrant.
27365Spotted FlycatcherSpotted FlycatcherMuscicapa striataUncommon passage migrant and breeding summer visitor.
27573European RobinRobinErithacus rubeculaAbundant breeding resident.
27772BluethroatBluethroatLuscinia svecicaRare vagrant; last recorded in 2010. Males of both the white-spotted (cyanecula) and the red-spotted (svecica) races have been recorded.
27788Common NightingaleNightingaleLuscinia megarhynchosVery scarce breeding summer migrant; Scarce/very scarce passage migrant.
27824Red-flanked BluetailRed-flanked BluetailTarsiger cyanurusOne record; 2014
27873European Pied FlycatcherPied FlycatcherFicedula hypoleucaUncommon passage migrant - scarce in autumn and rare summer visitor; bred in 1988.
27965Black RedstartBlack RedstartPhoenicurus ochrurosUncommon winter visitor and passage migrant. Rare in summer; has bred recently.
27971Common RedstartRedstartPhoenicurus phoenicurusUncommon passage migrant.
28020WhinchatWhinchatSaxicola rubetraUncommon passage migrant.
28026European StonechatStonechatSaxicola torquatusUncommon winter visitor - passage migrant and scarce breeder.
28135Northern WheatearWheatearOenanthe oenantheFairly common passage migrant; mainly on the coast and at traditional inland sites. Both nominate O. o. oenanthe and O. o leucorhoa (Greenland Wheatear) occur and both are probably common migrants - hard to identify with certainty.
28150Desert WheatearDesert WheatearOenanthe desertiTwo records; 1997. 2013.
28158Pied WheatearPied WheatearOenanthe pleschankaOne record; 2011.
28244White-throated DipperDipperCinclus cinclusUncommon breeding resident; present locally on suitable streams and rivers.
28957House SparrowHouse SparrowPasser domesticusStill abundant but declining breeding resident.
29016Eurasian Tree SparrowTree SparrowPasser montanusVery scarce passage migrant and winter visitor. Now probably extinct as a breeding bird.
29874DunnockDunnockPrunella modularisAbundant breeding resident.
29890Western Yellow WagtailYellow WagtailMotacilla flavaThree races occur; M. f. flavissima. Uncommon passage migrant and very scarce summer visitor.
M. f. flava (Blue-headed Wagtail), rare spring passage migrant last recorded in 2008.
M. f. thunbergi (Grey-headed Wagtail) one record, 2009.
29905Citrine WagtailCitrine WagtailMotacilla citreolaTwo records; 1996 and 2010.
29913Grey WagtailGrey WagtailMotacilla cinerea Fairly common breeding resident - passage migrant and winter visitor.
29921White WagtailPied WagtailMotacilla albaTwo races occur; M.a yarrelli Common breeding resident winter visitorand passage migrant; M. a. alba uncommon passage migrant
29959Richard's PipitRichard's PipitAnthus richardiVery scarce autumn migrant; exceptional in winter.
29994Blyth's PipitBlyth's PipitAnthus godlewskiiOne in Dec. 2016
29995Tawny PipitTawny PipitAnthus campestrisFour records; 1971. 1982. 1993. 2010.
30041Meadow PipitMeadow PipitAnthus pratensisCommon passage migrant and winter visitor; Uncommon breeding species - mainly on the coast.
30042Tree PipitTree PipitAnthus trivialisUncommon passage migrant and very scarce breeder.
30052Red-throated PipitRed-throated PipitAnthus cervinusThree records; 1973. 1979. 2012.
30057Water PipitWater PipitAnthus spinolettaUncommon winter visitor and passage migrant to CVL; scarce on the coast.
30061Eurasian Rock PipitRock PipitAnthus petrosusTwo races occur;A.p.petrosus Uncommon breeding resident on the coast. Fairly common and more widespread as a coastal passage migrant and winter visitor; scarce inland on spring or autumn passage.
A.p.littoralis Wintering birds are assumed to include an unknown proportion of this subspecies, some of which become identifiable in spring.
30123Common ChaffinchChaffinchFringilla coelebsAbundant breeding resident - passage migrant and winter visitor.
30141BramblingBramblingFringilla montifringillaFairly common winter visitor and passage migrant.
30161HawfinchHawfinchCoccothraustes coccothraustesScarce to rare winter visitor and passage migrant; formerly bred.
30200Eurasian BullfinchBullfinchPyrrhula pyrrhulaFairly common breeding resident.
30261Common RosefinchCommon RosefinchCarpodacus erythrinusThree records; 1985. 1999. 2006.
30406European GreenfinchGreenfinchChloris chlorisCommon breeding resident - passage migrant and winter visitor.
30542TwiteTwiteLinaria flavirostrisNow rare winter visitor formerly more regular.
30552Common LinnetLinnetLinaria cannabinaCommon breeding resident - passage migrant and winter visitor.
30563Common RedpollCommon RedpollAcanthis flammeaC.f. flammea; Mealy Redpoll Very scarce winter visitor and passage migrant - formerly rare but more regularly recorded in recent times.
30566Lesser RedpollLesser RedpollAcanthis cabaretFairly common winter visitor and passage migrant; scarce in summer. Records received as ?Redpoll? are included in this accountand so a few may actually refer to Common Redpolls.
30573Red CrossbillCommon CrossbillLoxia curvirostraRegular but erratic visitor and passage migrant; whose numbers vary sharply from year to year.
30594Two-barred CrossbillTwo-barred CrossbillLoxia leucopteraOne old record; 1895.
30606European GoldfinchGoldfinchCarduelis carduelisCommon breeding resident - partial migrant; many leaving in winter for France and Iberia.
30625European SerinSerinSerinus serinusTwo records; 1983 and 1986.
30654Eurasian SiskinSiskinSpinus spinusWinter visitor and passage migrant in varying numbers but sometimes common; scarce breeding species.
30973Myrtle WarblerYellow-rumped WarblerSetophaga coronataOne record in 1994.
31582Corn BuntingCorn BuntingEmberiza calandraLocal and uncommon breeding resident; confined to arable areas in the east of the region. Rare elsewhere as a passage migrant/winter visitor.
31585YellowhammerYellowhammerEmberiza citrinellCommon but declining breeding resident and uncommon passage migrant.
31622Cirl BuntingCirl BuntingEmberiza cirlusFormerly bred; now a very rare visitor. Last recorded 1991.
31657Little BuntingLittle BuntingEmberiza pusilla Four records; 1976. 1986. 1996. 1997/98.
31701Common Reed BuntingReed BuntingEmberiza schoeniclusUncommon breeding resident and passage migrant.
33529Lapland LongspurLapland BuntingCalcarius lapponicusVery scarce autumn migrant and very rare winter visitor; mainly on the coast.
33538Snow BuntingSnow BuntingPlectrophenax nivalisScarce winter visitor.

Included are two species acceptable to the list but not to species level:

White-bellied/Black-bellied Storm-petrel   Fregetta sp.   one in 2009 was the first European record of the genus

Frigatebird sp.   Fregata sp.   one record, 2005