Bristol Ornithology

The Journal of the Bristol Ornithological Club – plus a supplement on behaviour. 

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Number 1  April 1968

‘Small predators’ Survey – 1967.
The Distribution and Biology of Buntings in the Bristol Area.
Some observations n Families of Great Crested Grebes.
Some Studies of Sedge Warblers at Chew Valley Lake.
The Influence of Weather and Season on the feeding Ecology of the Redshank.

Number 2  September 1969

The Moults, Migrations and Breeding Seasons of the White Wagtail Motacilla Alba – A Review.
The Pied-billed Grebe at Blagdon Lake, Somerset – 1968.
Song of the Pied-billed Grebe.
Ageing and Sexing of Dunnocks.
Birds of the Frome Valley, Bristol – 1968.
Communal Feeding by Shovellers.
The recovery of the Manx Shearwater on the Pembrokeshire Coast.
Waders at Severnside.
Salmonellosis in a Black-headed Gull found at Avonmouth.

Number 3  December 1970

Some aspects of rearing the young in Larus gulls at Stert Island – an interim Report.
Some African enigmas.
The photography of birds.
The feeding behaviour of an inland wintering Shore Lark in Somerset.
Albinism in Collard Dove.
Birds of Kenn Moor, North Somerset – 1969.
Drumming by Woodpeckers.

Number 4  December 1971

Bristol Channel Sea-bird Survey – Introduction.
Some physical and oceanographic features of the study area in the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary.
Past status of Sea-birds.
Present status of Species.
Birds of the old Bristol airport.
Food Hiding by Scrub Jay.
Preen Gland Waxes.
Residents and migrants at Weston airfield.
Buff-breasted Sandpipers in Somerset.
Behaviour of Shelduck in restricted territory.

Number 5  November 1972

Migration routes in the vicinity of Bridgwater Bay, Somerset.
Visible migration along the south-east shores of the Severn estuary.
Recent changes in the status of the Kittiwake off the Somerset coast.
Spring influx of Scandinavian Lesser Black-backed Gulls in North Somerset.
Taxonomy of Menetries’ Warbler.
The Night Heron at Chew Valley Lake, Somerset, in 1971.
Inland waters sought as roosts by estuarine feeding Black-headed Gulls.
Some observations on Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers in the breeding season.

Number 6  December 1973

The Ornithological Atlas for Somerset
The incidence of albinism and melanism in grebes.
Colour, albinism and melanism in birds.
The birds of Berrow marsh, sand dunes and shore.
Another Black-headed Gull enigma.
Feeding behaviour of a Northern Waterthrush in thee Isles of Scilly.
Food-hiding by Scrub Jay and other Corvidae.
Great Black-backed Gull attacking a sleeping man.
Hobbies feeding.
Whimbrel roost on Steart Island, Somerset.

Number 7  December 1974

Midsummer field notes on the birds of coastal south-eastern Iceland.
The occurrence and behaviour of Turtle Doves in the inundation zone of the Niger, Mali.
Another albino Great Crested Grebe.
Sand Martins nesting in drainage holes by main roads in the Bristol area.
Least Sandpipers using free-floating vegetation as a feeding platform.
Use of recorded predator calls as a field aid to passerine recognition in wooded areas.
Some notes on Mute Swans breeding at Blagdon and Chew Valley Lakes.

Number 8  December 1975

Further studies on Great Crested Grebes.
Additional records of Albinism and melanism in grebes.
Red-throated Pipit at Blagdon Lake, Somerset
Additional notes on Mute Swans breeding at Blagdon and Chew Valley Lakes.
Gull behaviour during sea-mist in the Bristol Channel.

Number 9  December 1976

Ornithological observations from the northern Voronezh Region U.S.S.R.
A review of some waterfowl at Chew Valley Lake – 1967-1975.
A count of Quail and other birds near Tormarton, Gloucestershire/Wiltshire.
Some observations on a Black Redstart.
Communal feeding of Ospreys..
Jackdaws taking food from a bird-feeder..
Feeding association between Marsh Tit and House Sparrow.

Number 10  December 1977

Feeding behaviour and mortality of Mute Swans on the River Avon, Bath, in the severe winter 1962/63.
Further studies on Great Crested Grebes (2. Maintenance activities and Routine.
A Manx Shearwater surviving a winter in captivity.
Little Auk attacked by Pike.
Spring Movements of Scandinavian Lesser Black-backed Gull.
Spring migration of Garganey in Majorca, Spain.
Feral Pigeons drinking and bathing in hot mineral water.

Number 11  December 1978

A breeding bird survey of Ashton Court Wood, Avon.
Wallcreeper wintering in Somerset.
Hoopoes breeding in Somerset.
The birds of the San Benito Islands, Lower California, Mexico.
Observations on Wilson’s Storm-petrels in European waters.
Feeding behaviour of gulls in association with seal and Sun Fish.
Spoonbill, Black-headed Gulls and Little Tern in feeding and aggressive association.
An aberrant North American Ruddy Duck.
Movements of Collared Dove.
Hoopoes breeding in Avon.

Number 12  December 1979

Birds on Brean Down, 1967 to 1978.
Wintering warblers in Avon.
A Black-and-white Warbler on the Isles of Scilly.
A summer population of non-breeding gulls at Saltford.
Killdeer at Chew Valley Lake.
Black Kite feeding and preening whilst in flight.
Blackbirds feeding young on estuarine worms.
A hybrid Black Duck x Mallard on the Isles of Scilly.
Blackcap eating snowberries.
Blackcap singing in winter.

Number 13  December 1980

Breeding birds of Milton Hill, Weston-super-Mare: a continuing survey.
A review of some waterfowl at Blagdon Lake, 1971 – 1980.
Two Long-billed Dowitchers at Chew Valley and Blagdon Lakes.
Feeding behaviour of an early spring Swallow on the Isles of Scilly.
‘Freezing’ attitudes of an aberrant Hoopoe.
Wintering warblers in Avon, 1979/80.
Winter feeding behaviour of an inland Little Gull.
Immigrant Goldcrests feeding at ground level.
Spotted Flycatcher building double nest.
Guillemots and Razorbills calling in their autumn and winter quarters.

Number 14 December 1981

The Birds of Berrow 1973 to 1980.
Hunting behaviour of Peregrine low over water.
Behaviour of Peregrine attacking Mallard.
Behaviour of Bobwhite during tropical rainstorms in Florida, U.S.A.
Two White-rumped Sandpiper at Chew Valley.
Feeding association between Common Gull and Coot.
Behaviour of an autumn Wilson’s Phalarope in Cornwall.
Unfamiliar song of Chiffchaff.
Communal sunbathing by House Martin.
Fieldwork, 1980.
Lapwing breeding survey in Avon, 1980.
Breeding Sparrowhawk, Buzzard and Kestrel in Avon, 1980.

Number 15 December 1982

Migrant birds over Keynsham, August 1977 to September 1982.
Observations on breeding Stone Curlew.
A wildlife study at Royal Portbury Dock: An initial report.
Anting by a Mistle Thrush (with notes on Blackbirds and other thrushes).
Sunning by a Mistle Thrush.
An unobtrusive way of observing Quail.
Inland ground nesting by Herring Gull.
Warblers resting on their tarsi.
Overwintering warblers, 1980/81 and 1981/82.
Territorial behaviour of wintering Lesser Yellowleg.
Migrant birds in the Keynsham and Saltford area.
Birds on Brean Down, 1967 to 1978 (supplementary records).
Fieldwork, 1981.
Lapwing breeding survey in Avon.
Breeding season Sparrowhawk, Buzzard and Kestrel.

Number 16 December 1983

The birds of Long Wood and Velvet Bottom.
A survey of breeding Lapwings and other waders in Avon.
Dusting by a Wren(with notes on bathing, sunning and other behaviour.
Autumn feeding behaviour of a flock of Black Redstart.
Migrating Yellow Wagtails with damaged legs.
Unfamiliar feeding behaviour of Redshank.
Mandarins prospecting for nest sites in chimneys.
Apparent symmetrical albinism in Song Thrush.
Fieldwork, 1982.
Breeding season Sparrowhawk, Buzzard and Kestrel.

Number 17 December 1984

The birds of Royal Portbury Dock, Avon.
Reed Warblers at Chew Valley Lake, Avon.
The birds of a Common Birds Census plot in Blaise Woods, Bristol.
Albinism in Pied Flycatcher.
Feeding behaviour of a Barred Warbler.
Dusting by larks (with a comment on ‘snow bathing’).
Dusting by a Hoopoe.
Fieldwork, 1983.
Breeding season Sparrowhawk, Buzzard and Kestrel.

Number 18 December 1985

Birds at Blagdon Lake, 1963 – 1983.
A ‘flight’ of seabirds in September 1983.
Feeding behaviour of Kittiwake inland.
Coot chick’s attempted defence from attacks by Lesser Black-backed Gull.
Hunting behaviour of Peregrines.
Roosting behaviour of a vagrant Laughing Gull.
Laughing Gull dropping and retrieving an object whilst in flight.
Fieldwork, 1984
Breeding season Sparrowhawk, Buzzard and Kestrel.

Number 19 December 1987

Birds of the Keynsham Area.
Waders in Avon and North Somerset, 1981 – 85.
Trends in breeding woodland bird populations for Avon and surrounding counties, 1981 – 1986.
Feeding behaviour of a vagrant Spotted Sandpiper.
Jackdaws and Herring Gulls breeding in close proximity on a roof-top.
Collared Dove nesting on house.
Bathing behaviour of wintering Redshanks in Cornwall.
Escape behaviour of a Dipper.

Number 20 December 1989

A survey of breeding season Sparrowhawks, Buzzards and Kestrels in Avon, 1980-84.
Decline of the Turtle Dove.
Urban roosting by corvids in two Uzbek cities.
Brambling attempting to use nut-feeder.
Ivy berries and birds in spring.
Sunning by a Common Snipe.
Early summer feeding flock of Great Crested Grebes at Chew Valley Lake.

Number 21 1992.

The Birds of Clevedon Bay.
Decline of the Turtle Dove in the Saltford area.
Differing reactions of birds to presence of Peregrine.
Peregrine taking prey from ground, and tandem hunting.
Aggressive interaction between a Roseate Spoonbill and an Eastern Diamond Rattlesnake.

Number 22   1993

Observations from the Avon Gorge Peregrine watches, 1991 and 1992.
Population and distribution of winter feeding flocks of Feral Pigeons in the City of Bristol.

Number 23 1996

The Heronry at Cleeve: a history of its first 34 years.
Communal roosting in the breeding season by breeding birds of non-colonial Species.
The status of the Willow Warbler in Saltford.
Winter sub-basking by garden passerines.

Number 24 1997

Brood-division, parental favouritism and parental desertion in the Great Crested Grebe: case-histories, assessment and review.

Number 25 1999

The avifauna of Saltford.

Number 26 2002

Waders in the tidal Avon at Sea Mills Reach.
Gulls in the tidal Avon.
Mute Swans at the AXA Centre, Stoke Gifford.

Number 27 2004

Blaise Woods, Bristol – 25 Years of the Common Birds Census.
The Past and Present status of the Red Kite in Avon and Somerset.
Waterbirds of the tidal Avon at Sea Mills reach.

Number 28 2006

The birds of Oldbury Power Station silt lagoons.

Number 29 2008

Little Ringed Plovers at Barrow Gurney Reservoirs.
The Common Crane in the Bristol Region: Its Past, Present and Future?.
White-tailed Eagles in Avon and Somerset.
Bird Ringing on Steep Holm.
Weston-super-Mare Sewage Treatment Woks: A site account.

Number 30   2010

The Breeding Season Atlas of the Birds of Bristol 2000-2008.
Paradise lost: the palaeornithology of the Avon wetlands.

Number 31   2012

Blaise Woods – John Tully’s thirty-three year Common Birds Census.
The dispersal of Common Buzzards ringed between 1984 and 2004 in North Somerset.
A survey of Common Buzzards in ST66 south of Keynsham.
Obituary – John Tully.

Sunning Behaviour of Birds

A guide for ornithologists – K.E.L. Simmons