The Avon Ornithological Group

The Avon Ornithological Group (AOG) exists to produce the Avon Bird Report. Bristol Naturalists’ Society and Bristol Ornithological Club, who are equal partners in the venture, each appoint two members to the Executive Committee which controls the Group’s operation. The work is shared between the County Recorder and his committee, who verify the unusual or rare records, and the Editor and his committee, who prepare the Report. Members of the Recorder’s and Editor’s Committees are appointed by the Executive Committee; members for 2023 were as follows:

Executive Committee:  Jason Williams (chairman), Rich Mielcarek (treasurer), Giles Morris and Robert Hargreaves

Recorder’s Committee: Rupert Higgins (Recorder), Rich Andrews, Andy Davis, Rich Mielcarek, Aravind Ramesh, and Harvey Rose.

Editor’s Committee: Harvey Rose (Editor), Ken Carruthers, Chris Craig, Jane Cumming, Ken Hall, Robert Hargreaves, Pete Hazelwood,  Rupert Higgins, Nigel Milbourne, Rich Mielcarek, Tony Scott, and Dave Stoddard.


Records for inclusion in the Report should be submitted to Rupert J Higgins

Email Rupert J Higgins.
Postal address: 28 Egerton Road, Bishopston, Bristol, BS7 8HL

Editorial & back issues

Most issues from 1979 to 2021 are available.
H.E. Rose, Arncliffe, Walton Bay, Clevedon, BS21 7AS

Email H.E. Rose