Tuesday 18 February – Severn Beach

 It was a little after high water as 31 members walked beside the River Severn, which was flowing out very fast owing to recent excessive rains. The traffic noise from the M4 and Severn Bridge was disturbingly loud but we were rewarded with eleven bird species before reaching New Passage and there added Teal, Wigeon, Dunlin, and Shelduck. At the near-by Wetlands Reserve we added Curlew, Oystercatcher, Little Egret, Lapwing, Shoveler, Mute Swan and Common Gull. Taking the New Passage Road we then saw Redwing, Fieldfare, Meadow Pipit, Blue Tit, Jackdaw, Collared Dove, Goldcrest and Goldfinch. We took the Severn Beach back road, noting Sparrowhawk on the way, and walked squelching footpaths and in a bramble-infested area to find Jay, Wren, Chaffinch, and Blue Tit before returning to the High Street. In all we had recorded 45 species, and what was taken as an American Canada Goose in a party of Canada Geese. Thanks to the large number of walker-watchers who turned out and what a calm, sunny warm morning we had.