Tuesday 18 July – Bridgeyate – Leader: Geoff Hardman

19 members met in the Griffin pub car park. A possible Red Kite sighting was discounted as it was before 10:00, also a pair of Ravens. When we got underway we started off with a large and noisy flock of Starlings on the edge of the ‘Vicars’ housing estate. This was followed by some Swifts flying over. We then joined the Dramway, which at this point is a ‘holloway’; various birds were heard but not seen! We crossed into Warmley Forest Park where coffee was had by the lake. Disappointingly the last walk’s count of 18 Moorhens was not realised, coming in at two adults and two chicks. From there we crossed fields to Goose Green seeing flocks of various tits, and along to the Forest of Avon with a flock of 35 Goldfinches. This took us back through forest tracks to the Griffin, observing 37 species avian and uncounted lepidopteran on the way. The weather was kind but increasingly humid as the day progressed. (Thanks to Geoff for leading.) Geoff Hardman