Tuesday 16 January – River Avon – Leigh Woods to Ham Green. Leader: Judy Copeland

22 people came together at Abbots Leigh and thanks to beautiful weather we had a lovely morning’s walk, despite the near-freezing temperature. Long-tailed Tits were waiting to greet us at the entrance to the Leigh Court drive and there was, of course, a Buzzard in view on a tree. Magpies were everywhere (highest count 22!) and Jackdaws and Crows much in evidence. Most of the birds were found once we had walked through Leigh Woods and arrived at the river. Our first Common Sandpiper was not far away on the mud, and several more were seen. As the tide started dropping, lines of Redshanks flew upriver calling, a lovely sound. Surprising were a flock of 31 Dunlin wheeling over the river in the sunshine and a pair of Wigeons; neither are often seen upriver. A Sparrowhawk was chasing a Raven, a Green Woodpecker was seen in a field, a Curlew flew over, some people saw Snipe emerging from the rushes and Pied Wagtails fluttered around. Along the bank on the far side were six resting Herons, strategically placed at a distance from each other. On Ham Green lake were Mallard, Moorhens and a Cormorant, with a Song Thrush up in the tree beside us. Back towards the cars we added House Sparrows in the hedges. 42 species. (Thanks to Judy for leading.) Judy Copeland