Tuesday 13 October – Goblin Combe Leader: Alastair Fraser

A woodland walk, mainly deciduous with some conifers and areas of plantation. The woodland is largely closed canopy, creating an impoverished habitat at lower levels due to the lack of light. The ash trees are suffering from
dieback that may, ironically, lead to more open clearings. The first section along the Combe was very quiet, a few Jackdaws and a Jay heard up in the trees and a small flock of Redwings that perched briefly before flying off. Our usual route was blocked by tree management, necessitating a detour that required some map reading. We heard Nuthatch and not much else. We navigated to Warren House, a more open area, and this proved more productive. Several flocks of Redwings passed overhead. Chiffchaff, Robin, three Ravens and Pied Wagtail raised our spirits. We finally ran into a flock of Tits, mainly Great with some Blue and a Coal, in the woods along Cleeve Toot. Also Nuthatch and Great Spotted Woodpecker. (Thanks Alastair for leading.) Alastair Fraser