Tuesday 06 October – Tickenham Leaders: Lois Pryce and Jan Pridie

Six people met for this walk through Tickenham’s moors, woods and ridge – and only got rained on once! House Martins hunted over the golf course with Pied Wagtails on the greens. Through the woods we saw and heard Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Jay, Nuthatch, Blackcap, Coal Tit and flocks of Long-tailed Tits, and Chaffinch and Bullfinch. Ravens and Buzzards soared and called, a Sparrowhawk did a swift stealth flight, and Swallows hunted over Cadbury Camp where the view to the sea was swallowed by a rainstorm. On the moors the Land Yeo was rushing in full spate but we were lucky enough to have two quick views of a Kingfisher and a brief glimpse of a Grey Wagtail along its length; and on the flooded fields were great flocks of mixed Gulls (350 or more) with many juveniles, as well as Mute Swans, Grey Heron, Little Egrets, Stonechats, and about 60 Rooks. Insect life was abundant including Common Darters, many still coupling in flight, and a Red Admiral. (Thanks to both for leading.) Lois Pryce