Trip report: Midford Brook (18th February 2012)

Ten members met at 0930 hrs at Monkton Combe car park for the walk to Midford and back. We had a brief stop to see the grave of Harry Patch in the churchyard, where Goldcrest were seen and we also saw five species of Tits at bird feeders nearby. We went on to Tucking Mill and to the fishing lake, viewing stretches of the river on the way and then on to Midford where we stopped by the Mill and looked down from the old viaduct. The return walk gave views of Midford Castle, and we were back at the car park by 12.30 hrs. Birds seen included two Kingfishers and two Dippers, Marsh Tit, Raven, Siskin and Buzzard and birds heard were Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker and Song Thrush, making a total of 27 species altogether. We also saw evidence of occupied Badger setts with fresh earth scattered about. We were led by local resident birder Terry Doman who gave us a most interesting informative talk on the history and geology of the area as we went along. Our grateful thanks to him for making the walk so enjoyable.

Roy Curber