Trip report: Frampton on Severn (17th January 2012)

It was a still chilly morning as 31 Birders gathered to begin their walk around Frampton Pools. The first lake still had ice on it and there were only a handful of Coots skating gingerly around. As we started down the wooded 9 track there was a flock of Long- tailed Tits in the overhead trees flitting from branch to branch. At the main Blue Pool, we admired Greylag Geese, Canada Geese and on the overhanging willow trees eight Herons. Mute Swans were fluffing up their plumage on the frozen water. One pair of Swans were creating their own waterway through the ice. Suddenly the peace was shattered by a convoy of 4×4’s and a trailer with about eight gunmen on board. They waited as we finished admiring the beautiful group of wildfowl, before telling us they were here to shoot geese! A few shots later and the birds were flying away high overhead – I hope they got away! There were only a few small birds venturing out in the cold, a Robin valiantly singing and a wonderful sight of a Blackcap eating mistletoe berries high in a tree. There were some lovely flocks of Fieldfares flying over the fields as well as chattering in the trees. A Mistle Thrush was resting high in one of the mistletoe trees. A flock of Lapwings winged their way across the fields behind the Beech wood. On the homeward stretch of the Blue Lake we spotted two Great Crested Grebes diving in the water. We recorded 35 species and had a super walk around the beautiful lakes. Thank you Peter for leading a lovely walk and keeping us safe from the shooters!

Hazell Willmott