Tuesday 28 November – Lansdown, Bath Leader: Robert Hargreaves

Fourteen people set off from Lansdown P&R for an almost five mile level walk; weather, though gloomy remained dry and still. We set off across the playing field passing the first of over a hundred Common Gulls, and then skirted the racecourse. At the busy roadside we found a small group of Collared Doves and a fine pair of Stonechats. Suddenly a big flock of around 500 Golden Plovers appeared in the sky, Peregrine in pursuit. We were treated to a great display. The path through the golf course brought us Goldcrests in the conifers and took us to our coffee stop by the Racecourse stables. Here was a very showy Raven, which turned out to be one of a pair, and many Fieldfares and Redwings enjoying the berries, and a Kestrel. The next leg was through woodland where we had good views of Treecreeper, Nuthatch and other usual suspects. Then it was time to turn back through the muddy fields on the other side of the busy main road, passing a large flock of corvids, mostly Jackdaws. Trees and bushes along the way contained good numbers of Chaffinches with a few Linnet, Goldfinches and Meadow Pipits; Skylarks were seen. Nearing the end we were pleased with a flock of Starlings flying up onto the telegraph wires next to us. It had been a rewarding walk, in spite of the Golden Plover not settling down in their usual field for us, with good sized flocks of birds and 37 species altogether. Thanks to Robert our leader. Anne Crowe