Tuesday 28 May – Northend

Twelve members set off on this lovely walk, which included fabulous views over Bath and the surrounding countryside. We started by climbing Solsbury Hill. After circling the top of the hill, we stopped for coffee before descending gently to Chilcombe Bottom and back to Northend. It was a cloudy day with occasional sunshine and showers. From Northend village we passed both cultivated and wild meadows until we reached Little Solsbury Hill. The song of the Skylark matched the glorious views perfectly. We continued round the top of the hill looking down on woodland and beyond towards Swainswick, Woolley and Lansdown. A Whitethroat could be heard in the woods below. As we journeyed on there was a brief shower but the sun soon came out and we could hear the song of Blackcap, Wren and Chiffchaff. The walk had been very enjoyable and the rain started again as we reached the cars. In summary, a splendid walk with 30 species identified and 215 birds noted. Special thanks to Robert Hargreaves for both leading the walk and keeping the list. Peter Trippier