Tuesday 19 July – Eastville Park Leader: Richard Scantlebury

Only six brave souls turned up on the hottest day ever recorded, and my was it hot! Having negotiated the long narrow path through the allotments we were pleased to arrive at Eastville Lake which at least afforded a little shade. Herring and Black-headed gulls were abundant as were Mallard, a few Coot and Moorhen along with two posing Herons. Some proud Swans with their cygnets were seen, and on our return back around the lake we were greeted by eleven Canada Geese who were only too pleased to feed from our hand. On leaving the lake in the direction of Snuff Mills as the day progressed it proved to be getting even hotter but on we went stopping for a very well earned rest at the weir where we saw a couple of Grey Wagtails. Refreshed somewhat we plodded on towards Broomhill Road bridge passing fields and borders which were magnificent with wild flowers and plenty of butterflies including Gatekeepers and Red Admirals. On reaching the bridge we saw another Grey Wagtail and two Kingfishers showing very well as we were serenaded from above by a very noisy Blackcap. All told we saw 30 species of bird. Thanks to the brave six for even thinking of coming despite the weather and many thanks to Rich for leading in challenging conditions. Graham Blacker