Tuesday 15 December – Gordano Valley Leader: Geoff Harris

Five members met on a bright and sunny morning eagerly anticipating a good morning’s birding. The local gamekeeper was distributing feed at a small pond which disturbed the birds for us. There was a large group of Mallard and another of Teal, the eventual count for both being 56 and 206 respectively for the morning. Leaving the cars/motorbike we ambled along the route and slowly built up a total of over thirty species for the morning. A bird feeder in a front garden gave us Bullfinch and Nuthatch and some members were lucky to see the two Mandarin Ducks. The weather stayed dry and bright and we returned to our transport before 14:00. Many thanks to Geoff for a great morning and an interesting varied walk. 31 species in total. We were surprised to see two butterflies, a Red Admiral and a Peacock. Beth Yates