Tuesday 13 March – Gordano Valley. Leader: Geoff Harris

The first shirtsleeve walk of the year, hurrah – well I had my arms out to collect some rays, but of the other 26, all
muffled up with scarves, coat, etc, at least most had dispensed with gloves. As we gathered, the Buzzard started
to be seen; first up the valley, then down the valley, some above Walton Down and others over Tickenham Hill, so,
if your geography is up to scratch, all around us. There were Mallard and Pheasant close to the margins of Moor
Lane Wood and Goldfinch, Blue and Great Tit sang from its branches. A glimpse of Jay and Long-tailed Tit were
seen as we rounded the top corner of Harley Lane but alas no specials (we have seen Siskin in the past) on the
feeders. As we wandered along Clevedon Lane, Robins sang, Woodpigeon co-cooed, Greenfinch wheezed,
Chaffinch trilled and Goldfinch tinkled – a real ‘start of spring’ soundscape. The Skylark took to the heavens as
we crossed Weston Moor, an obliging Kestrel circled above and the first of seven Reed Bunting were seen just
before our coffee stop. Up then, through Common Hill Woods where we added Goldcrest to the list, with the third
and then the fourth Nuthatch of the walk, chiming in with his ‘Toyy, toyy’ call and longer ‘chi-chi-chi-chi-chi’ song.
On the feeders at Home Farm, an assortment of House Sparrow, Reed Bunting, Blackcap, and all the tit species
were logged. After a Mistle Thrush, the last bird noted was a Greenfinch singing from the trees at Walton Cross.
A total bird count of 32 and warm thanks to Geoff for leading us on this splendid walk. Nick Hawkridge