Tuesday 05 Sept – Puxton Leader: Colin Hawkins

15 members met at Puxton Church of the Holy Saviour on a glorious sunny day. We wandered through the grounds of the 13th century church where one Goldfinch was spotted. We proceeded through to Puxton Lane and across Puxton Moor Nature Reserve. En route we saw two Collared Doves, over 30 Starlings perched on the telegraph wires, about nine Swallows in different places, one Long-tailed Tit, one Swan and one Cormorant flew overhead, and one Robin(heard, not spotted), as well as many Magpies and Crows in the fields. Some of the group saw two Stonechats. Goldfinches, approximately 50, were feeding on the thistle seed in the fields too. Further on we heard a very loud Cetti’s Warbler, two Buzzards were spotted in the distance, and a Green Woodpecker in the lanes. Later we heard and saw two Buzzards fly overhead. We headed down along Oldbridge River where we encountered at least five Mute Swans, including a family with one adolescent cygnet. On the way back at least five Long-tailed Tits flew across our path into the nearby trees and there were two Herons, two Kestrel (not together), one Lesser Black-backed Gull, a Coot and two Moorhens, one Great Tit, two Mallards, House Sparrows, House Martins and Jackdaws. Dragonflies accompanied us throughout our walk. Thanks to Colin for leading us in this very interesting and enjoyable walk. Alison Hooper