Trip Report: Frampton-on-Severn (18th May 2012)

A party of Great Tits (adults + young) greeted us loudly from a horse chestnut tree near the car park as 14 members assembled for a somewhat gloomy evening stroll around Frampton Pools. The Sailing Club lake was quiet apart from a few Coot, Mallard, Tufted Duck, Mute Swans and a distant pair of Terns (Common?) that skimmed the water before disappearing. Two Mistle Thrushes perching on the wires posed agitatedly until a Sparrowhawk skittered past us into the trees. A pair of Gadwalls drifted past on the lake as a huge flock of Swifts 11 and Hirundines (1000+) arced across the sky overhead all around us. Despite the poor light we identified them as predominantly Martins (House and Sand) together with a few Swallows. The woodland rewarded us with the distinctive bubbling calls of two Nightingales. Heading back to the village in the failing light we were serenaded by the high clear phrases of Song Thrushes while bats flitted by and a noisy flock of Jackdaws flew to roost in the trees. As night fell on the outskirts of the village a strange call eventually resolved itself into a Tawny Owl perched in a large garden conifer. It conveniently flew to a nearby TV aerial and was silhouetted against the sky before we we all dispersed into the night. Total number of bird species recorded was 27. Thanks to Phyl for leading.

Rob Collis