Trip report: Bridgeyate (20th March 2012)

26 members gathered on a mild spring morning for this walk through varied habitat. Near the start, some agitated corvids drew attention to a Sparrowhawk which flew into a dense hedge and disappeared. Two Jays were seen and the walk was notable for the number of Jays recorded (eight by this observer.) A Blackcap was heard and then seen sitting prominently on a garden hedge. The walk followed the dramway footpath at the start. Its tall hedges proved excellent cover for birds and as well as the more common species there were stunning male Bullfinches. Re-crossing the A420 we entered the Warmley Forest Park where hawthorns were beginning to show green shoots and there was a bank of flowering primroses. Another Sparrowhawk flew over and several Buzzards were seen during the morning. A Mistle Thrush was heard and finally located. A Great Spotted Woodpecker was watched and a distant Green Woodpecker was heard. Ravens flew over as we watched bees busily entering and leaving a hole in an oak tree. Two Mad March Hares galloped around the fields, where two Roe Deer were lying beneath a hedge. The total number of bird species seen was 27. Thank you to David for leading this enjoyable walk.

Margaret Gorely