Saturday 31 July – Marshfield Leaders: Sue and Nigel Kempson

Eleven members met at Tanners Close for this evening walk. As we gathered to start the meeting, the heavens opened and the first part of the walk was in pouring rain with little bird activity. We left the normal route to Rushmead Lane as it was overgrown and branched off directly to the barns on a public footpath. On the lane, the rain stopped and we had signs of bird activity. Walking down towards the Tormarton Road where the highlight of the evening was watching a Hobby swoop in low and take an unidentified small bird off the power line. We also had distant views of Yellowhammer and Corn Bunting. Retracing our steps, we headed back along the lanes to the start. Birds seen included twelve Woodpigeon, 60 Herring Gull, two Lesser Black-backed Gull, one Buzzard, one Tawny Owl (heard), two Kestrel, one Hobby, 50 Jackdaw, one Rook, 50 Carrion Crow, four Skylark, one Wren, 32 Starling, four Blackbird, three House Sparrow, four Linnet, twelve Corn Bunting and two Yellowhammer. Mammals included three Brown Hare, three Roe Deer, one Red Fox. After the walk one member called in at Down Road and heard at least one Quail calling. (Thanks to Sue and Nigel for leading) Sue Kempson