Saturday 27 January – Marshfield. Leader: Nigel Kempson

Ten members turned up for this walk around the Rushmead Lane area of Marshfield. It was a dull, dry and windless day and, perhaps because of this, we could not see any large flocks of birds from the main road. The only taster was a compliant Buzzard on a distant post clearly displaying the diagnostic breast band. Commencing the walk, we immediately had good views of three Corn Buntings which were a first UK tick for some members. The Yellowhammers and the winter thrushes were not so obliging, giving only distant views that really needed a scope for 100% identification. In general, the bird numbers increased the further we went down Rushmead Lane and we spent some time around the wetter area at the far end. The final list was for 32 species and my thanks go to Alan Daniels for keeping the tally. (Thanks to Nigel for leading) Nigel Kempson