To find out more about the birdlife that has been using the Bristol and surrounding areas each year, we help produce a book called the Avon Bird Report. It includes a systematic list of the species seen during the year, and a report on the local weather. It also has fascinating articles about local birds and their populations. The Avon breeding bird survey has been included in every report since 1994 and the Avon ringing report in every report since 1996. 

Copies of the report for most years are still available. For details contact Dr H E Rose via email at . The Avon Bird Report is co-funded by the Bristol Ornithological Club and the Bristol Naturalists’ Society. It is organised by the Avon Ornithological Group and profiles of each species are compiled by club members and other birders in the region. You can find a list of the papers published in each volume by clicking on the relevant decade below.

Avon Bird Reports 2020 - 2029

Avon Bird Report 2020

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Avon Bird Report 2019

Coming home to roost – high tide monitoring project – Richard Archer
Nest box monitoring of Blue and Great Tit in the Gordano Valley – Lyndon Roberts

Avon Bird Report 2018

Autumn wader passage at Chew Valley Lake – Harvey Rose
The colonisation, gender imbalance and dispersal patterns of female and male Cetti’s Warbler at Chew Valley Lake – Mike Bailey
Ortolan Bunting at Sand Bay and Northick Warth, new to the Avon area – Paul Gregory and Paul Bowerman
BirdTrack and me – why I use it … and why it could be for you – Scott Mayson

Avon Bird Report 2017

Unusual ornithological events in the Avon are 2013 to 2017 – Andy Davis
Iberian Chiffchaff at Yate – Mark Coller
Unusual Common Gulls at CVL in 2017- Andy Davis and Richard Mielcarek
First and last migration dates 2017 – Harvey Rose
BBS for Avon 2017 – Dave Stoddard
A note on weather – Richard Bland
Avon Ringing Report for 2017 – Mike Bailey and Ed Drewitt

Avon Bird Report 2016

The changing status of the Little Owl in the Chew Valley – Davis Warden
Blyth’s Pipit at Blagdon Lake – New to the Avon area – Nigel Milbourne
Batheaston Nature Reserve – Brian Edge
BBS in Avon – Dave Stoddard
First and Last migration data – Harvey Rose
Avon Ringing Report – Mike Bailey and Ed Drewitt
Reed Warbler nest at CVL – Mike Bailey

Avon Bird Report 2015

Avon Migration Data for the past quarter-centuary. HE Rose.
Avon Rookery Survey, RL Bland.
Avon Ringing Report. M Bailey & E Drewitt
BBS in Avon. DR Stoddard

Avon Bird Report 2014

Waders in Avon pt 2: HE Rose
Changes in the Bird Populations of Bristol, 2000 -2012: RL Bland
Chew Valley Lake 60 yrs ago
Red-flanked Bluetail in the Shire Valley: J Barnett
A spring Greenish Warbler at Sand Point – new to Avon: P Bowyer

Avon Bird Report 2013 Full Report

Waders in Avon pt 1: HE Rose
Birding during the WW 2: HE Rose
A Fregetta storn-petrel at Severn Beach: JP Martin
Bonaparte’s Gull – new to the Avon area: KE Vinicombe
Ospreys at Blagdon Lake: NR Milbourne
A remarkable skua passage at Chew Valley Lake: KE Vinicombe

Avon Bird Report 2012 Full Report

Breeding Water Rails at CVL in 2012: M Dadds
The Spring Migration of 2102: H E Rose
Migration Watches along the Severn Estuary, 1966 -2005 : R Bland
Fifty Years Ago – Autumn Migration on Steep Holm in 1962: P J Chadwich
Unusual Ornithological Events in the Avon area 2006-2012: A H Davis
One Flock: G Warren

Avon Bird Report 2011 Full Report

Chew and Blagdon in 2011 to 2012 – The ultimate year? K E Vinicombe
Shelduck in Avon during the last half century: H E Rose
Nightingale survey in Lower Woods and surrounding areas: S J Birks & C Halpin
Juvenile Sharp-tailed Sandpiper – New to the Avon area: N R Milbourne
Pied Wagtail at Oldbury-on-Severn: D Spittle
Seventy-five years ago: H E Rose
Breeding birds in the Avon Region 2011: R L Bland & J Tully

Avon Bird Report 2010 Full Report

Severn Estuary foodweb: R Perkins
Wildfowl numbers at CVL 1960 – 2010, part 2: R J Higgins
Arctica Dunlin: J P Martin
Little Stoke summer migrant dates 1931 – 47: H Boyd and R L Bland
Rookery survey 2010: R L Bland
Impact of the coldest December since 1916: R L Bland
BTO Avon Atlas 2007 – 11: R L Bland

Avon Bird Report 2009

Full Report

Long-distance migrants and climate variations: H J Boyd and R L Bland
Wildfowl numbers at CVL 1960 – 2010, part 1: R J Higgins
Population of Reed, Sedge and Grasshopper Warblers in ST58: M Dadds
Pacific Diver – new to Avon: M Hayes
Grey-headed Wagtail – new to Avon: J P Martin
Diet of breeding Peregrines in Bath 2009: E Drewitt
Urban Gulls breeding in Bath: P Rock
Fifty years ago: H E Rose

Avon Bird Report 2008 Full Report

Birds of the Downs 1994 – 2008: R L Bland
Metal pollution in Bristol: an assessment using bird of prey feathers: S M Murgatroyd
Bitterns breeding at CVL 1997 – 2001: K E Vinicombe
Black-necked Grebes breeding at CVL in 1998: K E Vinicombe
Black Redstarts breeding at RPD: L F Roberts
Eastern subspecies of Jackdaw – new to Avon: A H Davis
2007 nesting survey in ST5877 (Southmead/Henleaze): R L Bland and J Tully
Eagle Owl in Clifton: E Drewitt
BTO Atlas report: R L Bland

Avon Bird Report 2007 Full Report

Birds of Clifton Downs 1931: A Morley
Diet of breeding Peregrines in Bath: E Drewitt
Analysis of Barn Owl pellets 2004 – 8: L F Roberts
Glossy Ibis at CVL – new to Avon: A H Davis and G Thoburn
Eastern Chiffchaff in the Avon area: J P Martin
BTO Plover survey: R L Bland

Avon Bird Report 2006 Full Report

Diet of urban Peregrines in Bath: E Drewitt
Unusual ornithological events in Avon 1981 – 2005: A H Davis
Affect of the 1990’s mange epidemic in Foxes on Pheasant: M Dadds
Yellow-legged Gull identification: J P Martin
Gull incident at CVL: C J Stone
Sapsucking by Great Spotted Woodpecker: R L Bland

Avon Bird Report 2005

Unusual ornithological events in Avon 1945 – 1980: A H Davis
Historical perspective of Feral Pigeon populations: J Tully
Identification of Marsh and Willow Tits: J P Martin
Upland Sandpiper at Channel View Farm – new to Avon: R Hunt
Waxwing invasion: R L Bland
Bristol Birdwatch: R L Bland
Twenty four years of population change: R L Bland
Winter Garden Survey thirty years on: R L Bland
Tawny Owl survey: R L Bland

Avon Bird Report 2004

Rook population of Avon: J Vernon and R L Bland
Identifying Goshawks: K E Vinicombe
Breeding status of Ringed Plover in Avon: L F Roberts
Dusky Warbler at RPD – new to Avon: C J Stone and K E Vinicombe
Subalpine Warbler at Severn Beach – new to Avon: J P Martin
Birds of Backwell Lake: J G Prince
BTO gull roost survey: R L Bland, H E Rose and K E Vinicombe
BTO Nightjar survey: R L Bland
BTO Swallow feeding survey: R L Bland

Avon Bird Report 2003

Reed warblers at CVL: D Warden
Great White Egret – new to Avon: A H Davis
Baltic Gulls: K E Vinicombe
BTO Woodcock survey: R L Bland

Avon Bird Report 2002

Kumlien’s Gulls in Avon: K E Vinicombe
Caspian Gull at Harnhill Tip – new to Avon: J P Martin
The very earliest local bird records: R L Bland
Waders of wet meadows survey 2002: R L Bland
A century ago: H E Rose

Avon Bird Report 2001

Avon Common Bird Census 1962 – 1999: R L Bland
Laughing Gull in Bedminster – new to Avon:
Baird’s Sandpiper at BL – new to Avon: N Voaden
Aberrant Grey Heron at BL: K J Hall
Scandinavian Rock Pipit at CVL: J P Martin
House Sparrow nesting survey Southmead 2001: J Tully
From the archives – fifty years ago:

Avon Bird Report 2000

Seabirds – review of their status in the upper Severn estuary: B Lancastle
Avon List 2000: H E Rose
Cory’s Shearwater – new to Avon: B Lancastle
Lesser Scaup – new to Avon: N R Milbourne
House Sparrow nesting survey Southmead 2000: J Tully

Avon Bird Report 1999

Avon Bird Report 1999

Timing of summer migrant arrival in the Avon area 1920 – 1998: R L Bland
Rookery survey 1999: R L Bland
BTO national Nightingale survey 1999: R L Bland
American Black Tern at Weston STW: R M Andrews, R J Higgins and J P Martin

Avon Bird Report 1998

Winter feeding flocks of Feral Pigeon: J Tully
House Sparrow densities in Bristol: R L Bland
Fifty years ago 1948:
Changing face of Avon III: J P Martin
BTO Lapwing survey 1998: H E Rose
CBC surveys in 1998: R L Bland
Rookery survey 1998: R L Bland

Avon Bird Report 1997

Diet of urban Peregrines in Bristol: J Tully
Desert Wheatear at Clevedon – new to Avon: R Hunt
Rookery survey 1997: R L Bland

Avon Bird Report 1996

Birds visiting a Redland garden 1987 – 96: M Hill
Black-throated Thrush at Victoria Park, Bristol – new to Avon: M T Elliott
Citrine Wagtail at CVL – new to Avon: R M Andrews and K E Vinicombe
Pallas’s Warbler at Clevedon – new to Avon: H E Rose
Rookery Survey 1996: R L Bland

Avon Bird Report 1995

Avon’s rare and unusual birds 1945 – 1995: H E Rose
Siskins in a Nailsea garden 93/94 and 94/95: T G W Lewis
Two year survey of square 5673: R L Bland
Rookery survey 1995: R L Bland

Avon Bird Report 1994

Blackcaps in a suburban Bristol garden: P Mulcock
American Golden Plover – new to Avon: S Preddy and R M Andrews
Yellow-rumped Warbler – new to Avon: J P Martin, A J Musgrove and R M Andrews
Changing face of Avon – an update: J P Martin
A hundred years ago: S M Taylor

Avon Bird Report 1993

Decline of the Song Thrush: R L Bland
Eastern race of Yellow Wagtail at Aust Sewage Farm: B Lancastle
BTO Gull roost survey, January 1993: K E Vinicombe
BTO Common Bird Census, pilot 1993: J Tully

Avon Bird Report 1992

History of Corn Bunting in Avon and Mendip: R L Bland
Icterine Warbler at Brentry – new to Avon: M Dadds
Great Reed Warbler at CVL – new to Avon: J Aldridge
Scarlet Rosefinch at Stantonbury Hill: A H Davis
Thirty years ago: A H Davis
Starling roosts in Bristol 1992/93: J Tully

Avon Bird Report 1991

Bearded Tit in Avon: K E Vinicombe
Overwintering warblers in Avon: R L Bland
Constant Effort ringing at CVRS: J B M King
County Woodland Survey 1991: R L Bland
Tawny Owl survey 1991: R L Bland
Migration watches 1991: R L Bland
First and last migration dates for summer and winter visitors to Avon: R L Bland

Avon Bird Report 1990

Origins and migration routes of Dunlin which winter in Avon: N A Clark
Rooks in Avon survey 1990: R L Bland
BTO Mute Swan census 1990: R L Bland
BTO Tawny Owl census 1989: R L Bland
Changing Face of Avon in the 1980s: A Merritt
Set-aside in South Avon: J Aldridge

Avon Bird Reports 1980 - 1989

Avon Bird Report 1989

Seabirds in the upper Severn Estuary: B Lancastle
Bird Ringing in Britain: S M Taylor
Chew Valley Ringing Station report 1987 – 1989: R Kersley
Semi-palmated Sandpiper at OPS – new to Avon: K E Vinicombe

Avon Bird Report 1988

Birds in gardens 1987/88: R L Bland
Overwintering warblers 1987/88: R L Bland
Herons in Avon 1954 – 1988: R L Bland
Migration notes from New Passage: N T Lacy
Birds of Leigh Woods: S M Taylor
Ehrenberg’s Redstart – new to Avon: A H Davis and J W Duckworth

Avon Bird Report 1987

Balearic Shearwater – new to Avon: A Merritt

Avon Bird Report 1986

Terek Sandpiper – new to Avon: K E Vinicombe
Overwintering warblers 1985/6: R L Bland
Stonechats in Avon and North Somerset: H E Rose
Hawfiches in retrospect: S M Taylor
Thirty years of nest records: H R Hammacott
Avon tetrad survey of breeding birds 1985 – 87: R L Bland

Avon Bird Report 1985

A visit to BL, May 1925: L P Ashton
Rare and uncommon birds in Avon 1945 – 1985: H E Rose
Yellow-browed Warbler – new to Avon: A Merritt

Avon Bird Report 1984

BTO Wood Warbler survey 1984: M S Kemp
Yellow-legged and Northern Herring Gulls at CVL: K E Vinicombe
BTO Winter Atlas in Avon: R L Bland
Swifts in a Bristol roof: H R Hammacott

Avon Bird Report 1983

Roof nesting Gulls in central Bristol: P Rock
Overwintering Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs 1974/5 to 1982/3: R L Bland
BTO Buzzard survey 1983: R J Prytherch
BTO Mute Swan survey 1983: H R Hammacott
Status of Little Stint and Curlew Sandpiper in Avon 1974 – 1983: R G Thomas
Status of Cirl Bunting in Avon and northern Mendips: M S Kemp
Franklin’s Gull – new to Avon: B Lancastle

Avon Bird Report 1982

Effects of the 1981/82 cold spell:
The Nightjar in Avon and the Mendips 1850 – 1982: M S kemp
Breeding waders of wet meadows survey 1982: H E Rose
Broad-billed Sandpiper at OPS – new to Avon: K E Vinicombe

Avon Bird Report 1980

Gulls on the tidal Avon: H E Rose

The Avon Ornithological Group

The Avon Ornithological Group (AOG) exists to produce the Avon Bird Report. Bristol Naturalists’ Society and Bristol Ornithological Club, who are equal partners in the venture, each appoint two members to the Executive Committee which controls the Group’s operation. The work is shared between the County Recorder and his committee, who verify the unusual or rare records, and the Editor and his committee, who prepare the Report. Members of the Recorder’s and Editor’s Committees are appointed by the Executive Committee; members for 2013 were as follows:

Executive Committee: Richard Mielcarek (chairman), Jason Williams (secretary), Jane Cumming (treasurer), and Giles Morris.

Recorder’s Committee: Rupert Higgins (Recorder), Rich Andrews, Andy Davis, Rich. Mielcarek, Aravind Ramesh, and Harvey Rose.

Editor’s Committee: Harvey Rose (Editor), Ken Carruthers, Chris Craig, Ken Hall, Robert Hargreaves, Pete Hazelwood,  Rupert Higgins, Nigel Milbourne, Richard Mielcarek, Lyndon Roberts, Tony Scott, and Dave Stoddard.

Records for inclusion in the Report should be submitted to Rupert J Higgins

Email Rupert J Higgins.
Postal address: 28 Egerton Road, Bishopston, Bristol, BS7 8HL

Editorial & back issues

Most years from 1979 to 2009 are available.
H.E. Rose, Arncliffe, Walton Bay, Clevedon, BS21 7AS

Email H.E. Rose

Birds in Avon

A publication that was introduced in 2018 as Rare Birds of Avon, had been re-issued at issue 3 – Birds in Avon. A checklist of all the species recorded in the Avon recording area, with details as to how their status has changed over time – now including 2022 data – with pictures and still with a bias towards the rare and unusual. 
Birds in Avon – an annotated checklist


Birding the Bristol Region, by Mike Jackson.

Birding in the Bristol Region: A Celebration.

A 96 page book, published in February 2017, professionally printed with many colour photographs. Price £12.00 inc p and p.